Debate : THW Legalize Gambling


This House Would Legalize Gambling

The Basic Premises of Debate in General

  1. Structurize your cases (Fluency is not necessarily important if you don’t structurize it well).
  2. Fulfill your roles (Fulfilling roles is the important part also rather than being scattered) .
  3. Analyze your arguments (Try to seek the reasons behind the question “why” and case studies).

First Speaker’s Role

THW Legalize Gambling

Many liberal countries have legalized gambling for their societies, for example is some countries in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc. However, not even all countries (even some in USA and others are in developing countries) let this activity happen. Gambling is an activity of betting of the outcome with an uncertain future of the bet. Gambling has a number of characteristics : first, as a group, gamblers necessarily lose money as a result of this activity because the total “prize” consists of the accumulated stakes of gamblers, less the taxes paid to government and the profits garnered, and costs borne, by operators; second, gambling is typically presented as a form of entertainment; and, third, the gambling industry involves those activities that people perceive as gambling or governments treat as gambling for regulatory and taxation purposes. Gambling can be done in many ways, lotteries, video lottery terminals, casino gaming, pools and minor pools, etc.


As the government, we’d like to legalize all kinds of gambling in (developing) countries that haven’t legalized it by sharing power to the gambling industries.

Goal: to give access for the society to exercise their supremacy of individuals à when there is a demand from the society.
Theme Line: Because it’s important
Team Split:


–          Whether the idea of gambling is justifiable

–          Why the government should legalize gambling


–          Whether the idea of gambling will bring the countries social benefits

–          Whether the idea of gambling will bring the countries a beneficial economic gain

  1. 1.      Justification Point upon Gambling

First, the freedom to engage in gambling activities is not commonly associated with individual rights. Nevertheless, the extent to which a person has the ability to behave and spend money as he or she pleases is an important determination of a truly free society. Even, when the numbers of these people are minor, still, their liberties need to be respected as it is their choice to gamble. Firthermore, if government and gambling industries have identified that there is a demand, then that is the time for government and companies of marketed gambling to be a partner providing opportunities from the people’s desire/choice.

Second, John Stuart Mill philosophically believes that over himself, and over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign. It is the individual who know most of what he/she is doing, they are the best to judge their own welfare. The evidence from four leading industrialized gambling is clear: most people who gamble do so willingly and rationally, and as a form of entertainment. Everybody wants to get their pleasure. Even if there will be some people who are unable to control, thus they suffer after they gambled, it does not mean that government should overlap their duty under the idea of protection. Gambling is about choice: people from all walks of life want to enjoy their freedom and that includes the right to do what they want with their own money.

  1. 2.      Why Government should Legalize this activity (Gambling)

Government as the one who holds the mandate from the democratic societies should uphold the rights side by side (majority’s rights and minority’s right), Government should co-exist the morals—those who believe in gambling, those who don’t should be given the same access to enjoy that choice. Why is that so? Because that is what society and the government have agreed on. On the basis of social contract which means that when government is chosen, it’s the some parts of society’s rights that are given to the government. So, the society has trusted the governent to order the moral within the society, which are not necessarily upholding the majority’s rights but also exercising the minimum rights that the minority should have. Choice is the minimum rights that most minority should have, and that is why as a good government, we should legalize gambling.


Second’s Speaker Role


  1. (Opposition case)
  2. (Opposition case)
  3. (Opposition case)
Further Analysis (extend the case of your previous speaker, remember extending not the same with repeating! DON’T REPEAT the previous speaker)
In the end of this proposal, we believe that it will be beneficial for :

  1. a.      Social benefits
  2. b.      Economic benefits

Let us explain one by one:

  1. a.      Social benefits

People gambling for a variety of reasons: a break from their daily lives, the thrill of the chase, or the challenge of beating the chances. Gambling may be considered a recreational outlet, similar to entertainment and leisure products and services. Those who participate in gambling activities do so voluntarily and, in return, receive intrinsic benefits from their consumption. Furthermore, if consumers are gambling for entertainment purposes, they are purchasing gambling just as they would purchase tickets for the cinema or a symphony. For example, the Golden Casket lottery in Australia provides a low-cost source of entertainment to a number of people in the Australian state of Queensland. In fact, over any 12-month period, close to 89 percent of the adult population will purchase a lottery product of some description (Golden Casket Lottery Corporation Ltd. 1999). This may be considered a relatively harmless form of entertainment that provides a recreational outlet for participants.

For others, gambling may be exciting and socially engaging. For those who enjoy taking risks, the propensity for risk associated with gambling may be both stimulating and challenging. Within this charged environment, individuals become part of a world away from the burden and drudgery of their daily routine. Adults find themselves at play, interacting and socializing in a safe environment amongst their peers. For others, gambling is stimulating due to the challenge of estimating potential wins and losses.

See these are social benefits that can be gained from gambling.

  1. b.      Economic benefits

Economic growth occurs within a community or region by expenditures from new business. The introduction of casinos and other gambling facilities often encourages large investments into communities for new capital projects, and additional spending for continual improvements and refurbishment on the initial investment. For example, according to Arthur Anderson Inc. (1996), in 1995, estimated total annual expenditure on construction, purchases of property, furniture and equipment, including improvements and refurbishments, for the American casino gaming industry was US$4.3 billion. What does this mean? This means there might be a huge investment that might come to the country which in the end helps the disadvantaged society for examples get jobs in that of gambling investments.

Instead, if the government does this, this is how government shows their resposibility as the one to rule the economic behaviourism within the nation by always encouraging new business that create motivation to always redesign and improve the national economic gain.


Third Speaker’s Role

Rebuttals (try also to strengthen your cases!)

  1. (Opposition case)
  2. (Opposition case)
  3. (Opposition case)



Reply Speaker

What happen in this debate is …..
There are (how many) clashes in this debate:





The main role of the reply speaker would be making the adjudicator buyest on your cases!

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